Technology for Social Good

About Us

What We Do

Code NextGen is a WebVR platform that 

delivers an immersive learning system in Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Realty (AR) to underserved students 12-18 years old. 

Current Programs:

VR/AR Coding

Social-Emotional Learning

Curriculum Design/Support

Future Programs:

Environmental Stewardship

Social Responsibility

 Global Citizenship 

Why We Do It

We exist to provide the most effective learning tools to underserved students. We believe every child deserves the best learning opportunities and that VR can be a pioneering tool in helping students gain the education they need to grow into the leaders of tomorrow

How Its Done

Our program provides specially designed curriculum to meet the most pressing needs of each middle and high school we partner with. 

Studies show that immersive learning is nearly twice as effective as traditional auditory and visual learning experiences. With VR and AR, students are given academic and social-emotional learning experiences they'll actually retain.

The job market for VR/AR coding is real



We give kids something they can take home

We provide Code NextGen students with a take home cardboard headset to view the virtual and augmented projects they design. We also offer hardware to students in our excel program! 

VR/AR experience van coming soon

After we successfully meet our fundraising goals, we plan to bring out the bus! We are designing a VR/AR experience van to allow students access to high quality experiences in Virtual and Augmented reality. Take a field trip without leaving campus! 

Our projects can be used on a resume!

VR and AR coding skills are taught by building STEM projects in the classroom. These projects are able to be saved and used for creating a portfolio which students can show potential employers! 

About Us

Public Schools

We partner with public schools to bring our free curriculum directly to the classroom as part of the school day. We offer our program to 6th-12th grade as an enhancement to their computer science classes.


The technology industry suffers from a diversity problem. Our solution is to bring VR and AR coding skills to a diverse population of youth. We create a culture and community for students to experience success!

Workforce Development

Today's students are entering a job market where technology and computer science skills are a basic requirement. Our platform creates a direct pipeline between talent and recruitment.

Specially Designed Curriculum

After assessing the specific needs of each school we partner with, we develop a specially tailored curriculum to provide immersive learning experiences across a range of subjects including language, writing, math, science, and social-emotional learning.

Coding Course

We run a semester long program that introduces students to AR and VR  coding. During the semester the students acquire the skills needed to  code a VR/AR web experience. We set students up for success with our 10  Lines of Code course!

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